Costa Express Environmental Policy Statement

Costa Express is a premium self-serve, bean-to-cup, coffee and beverage business, operating globally from our Support Centre in Loadwater, UK. We develop, supply and maintain, intelligent Costa Express branded equipment and ingredients to exceed our partner and consumer expectations.
To achieve this, an Integrated Management System (IMS) has been implemented to meet the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015, focused on assuring that company processes are effective in identifying and reducing environmental impacts and to meet the needs of all interested parties.

Costa Express work closely with our supply chain to deliver our trusted high quality product and service to our partners and consumers while responsibly managing the impact this may have on the environment. Our overall aim is continual improvement in mitigating our environmental impacts, reducing use of natural resources and minimising pollution.

This policy applies to Costa Express activity with the UK and on those sites over which the Company has direct operational control.

Costa Express will:

  • Adopt and encourage sustainable practices wherever reasonably practical in all activities.

  • Aspire to be early adopters of new technologies that support sustainable practice and behaviours.

  • Strive for reductions in our environmental impact through a risk-based approach to identify threats and opportunities to ensure that we continue to meet our own high expectations and those of our interested parties.

  • Establish a culture where our team members, suppliers and business customers are encouraged to participate in and promote environmental responsibility, supported by awareness and training activity.

  • Seek continual improvement in our environmental management system by be assessing our performance in all areas and setting and meeting specified objectives.

  • Integrate environmental consideration into all business decisions and activities.

  • Manage indirect impacts in our supply chain by working closely with key suppliers to support improvements in environmental performance.

We aim to achieve the above whilst ensuring that we are compliant with all applicable environmental legislation in the countries in which we operate.

This policy statement supports the aims and commitments of the wider Costa Coffee and Whitbread Sustainability Policies and is available on request.