Costa Express Environmental Policy Statement

Costa Express is a responsible business and we are committed to protecting our environment and promoting good environmental practice.

This policy statement sets out our approach to managing our environmental impacts. We will aim for continual improvement in mitigating our direct environmental impacts, reducing use of natural resources and preventing pollution.

This policy statement supports the aims and commitments of the wider Costa Coffee and Whitbread Sustainability Policies.

We will apply this policy, and the related environmental management system, to Costa Express' activity within the UK and on those sites over which the Company has direct operational control.

In particular, Costa Express will:

  1. Ensure that we are compliant with all applicable environmental legislation in the countries in which we operate.

  2. Through a Group wide Environmental Management System, assess the most significant environmental impacts of our business and where Costa has control, set realistic targets for improvement.

  3. Monitor progress and report annually on environmental performance.

  4. Continue to integrate environmental considerations into all business decisions.

  5. Use sustainable practices in property design and property management.

  6. Raise employee awareness of their own environmental responsibilities at work and their role in implementing this policy.

  7. Influence business partners to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and, where appropriate, make this a condition of any business partnership.

  8. Manage indirect impacts in our supply chain by working closely with our key suppliers to improve our environmental performance that their own.

  9. Conduct effective dialogue on environmental matters with all stakeholders and other interested parties, as appropriate.

  10. Review this policy and targets regularly.

Murray McGowan
Managing Director -- Costa Express