Costa Express Energy Policy Statement

Costa Express is a responsible business and we are committed to protecting the environment and promoting good environmental practice. We aim to achieve continual improvement in our energy efficiency and to become a more sustainable business.

This Energy Policy supports the aims and commitments of the wider Costa Coffee and Whitbread Sustainability Policies.

We will apply this policy, and the related energy management system, to Costa Express's activity within the UK and on those sites over which the Company has direct operational control.

In particular, Costa Express will:

  1. Purchase energy at lowest term cost with assured continuous supply.

  2. Understand the environmental impact of energy generated for us and where practical and economical, look to source a dedicated percentage of green energy.

  3. Keep abreast of developments and opportunities within the energy supply industry and comply with all regulations and requirements as applicable to its international business.

  4. Measure and monitor energy consumption across our business, using actual data from remote monitoring equipment where economical and practical, and set realistic objectives and targets to reduce energy consumption across the business.

  5. Publicly report our yearly energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and provide an explanation for change of business profiles that affect consumption.

  6. Wherever possible, use energy in the most efficient and environmentally responsible way in order to satisfy the needs of our stakeholders.

  7. Design new buildings, plant, equipment and controls accounting for energy consumption to deliver lowest whole life cost. Consider the same objective in refurbishment projects.

  8. Regularly review available technology, engineering systems and practices to identify potential improvements and incorporate where practical and viable to ensure continual improvement of energy efficiency.

  9. Promote energy awareness throughout Costa Express through education, by sharing best practice and introducing good housekeeping measures. Encourage staff at all levels to become involved with and participate in energy management to minimise waste and increase efficiency. Provide the resources necessary to achieve the company objectives and targets.

  10. Review this policy regularly.

Murray McGowan
Managing Director - Costa Express